An unexpected tilt showed this morning the RoRo vessel "Panagia of Tinos”

Piraeus, 26.04.2016


An unexpected tilt showed this morning the RoRo vessel "Panagia of Tinos” R.P. 9913 which remained in the central Piraeus port immobilized and confiscated from the Navy Retirement Fund, without its shipping company (PANAGIA ODIGITRIA SHIPPING COMPANY) to have taken measures of eliminating the risks according its legal obligation, despite the fact that it has specifically invited by the management of the Piraeus Port Authority (PPA).
The operations of the PPA were direct and effective, placed floating barriers for the protection and monitoring of any leakage, assigned to divers crew checking the condition of the ship and assigned to the tug consortium for taking any necessary action to save the vessel, resulting in the situation that has been fully stabilized.
Throughout the entire operation were present with a coordinating role as the Head of the Coast Guard, the Central Piraeus Port Master and the Secretary General of Ports and Port Policy and Administration and executives of the PPA.
The new state of the ship already re-estimated by the PPA for further progress in the removal process.
Piraeus Port Authority applying the legislation has succeeded in removing over 100 abandoned and partly submerged vessels in recent years and especially those who were in the Central Port and its concern for the safe state of the port is constant.