"EcoPorts Port" Status - Environmental Management Standard PERS

PPA SA has achieved an ‘’EcoPorts port’’ status and has joined the Ecoports network (www.ecoports.com). The Ecoports network consists of European ports that have self-assessed their environmental performance, according to the ESPO (European Sea Ports Organization) methodology, Ecoport Self Diagnosis Method (SDM). The assessment criteria have been established by ESPO, based on the European port sector benchmark of environmental performance and the main requirements of international environmental standards, such as ISO 14001 and PERS (Port Environmental Review System).

Ecoports network partners are European ports with a diversity of activities and size, whereas Pireaus Port consists the biggest Mediterranean Port among the partners of the network.

The Environmental Management Standard that PPA SA implements, has been certified since 2004, according to the European Environmental Management System PERS (Port Environmental Review System) of ESPO. Being developed by ESPO for ports, PERS is a well-established Environmental Management Standard within the European port sector, designed to deliver effective port environmental management, whereas the organization of the environmental management system according to the PERS requirements is certified by the independent certification authority of Lloyd’s Register.

In 2017, PPA has been recertified (for the fifth time since 2004) for the implementation of the Environmental Management System in line with the principles and the requirements of the revised edition of PERS (version 5). In the framework of PERS, PPA has elaborated and implements a specific Environmental Policy, whereas is in a continuous process for the registration of the environmental aspects related to its port activities and seeks for the continuous improvement of its environmental performance, according to European and international standards, in order to protect the environment and preserve the natural resources for future generations.


Environmental Policy Statement                                       

PERS Certificate 

Pers Report 2016