Environmental Quality Monitoring Programs

PPA SA implements environmental quality monitoring programs in collaboration with universities and external experts. Monitoring results may indicate special areas and issues of concern, needing improvement. Thus, PPA SA can evaluate its environmental performance and take proper corrective measures when necessary.

In particular, PPA SA focuses on the following issues:

  •  Seawater quality

In collaboration with University of Piraeus (Greece) and Cardiff University (UK), PPA SA implements a seawater quality monitoring program each year. Twice a year, seawater and sediment sampling takes place within the entire PPA SA port area and collected samples are tested for marine pathogens and physical and chemical parameters.

During the dredging works within the port area of Central Port (Passenger and Cruise Terminals), a special technical study was elaborated regarding the sound management of the dredged materials.

Image: Surface seawater samples collected for testing.

Image: Surface seawater samples collected for testing.

Image: Sediment sample is collected from the seabed using a special grab.

  •  Noise quality

PPA SA implements an acoustic environment quality monitoring program for its entire port area. PPA SA has undertaken corrective actions considering the evaluation of the results from noise level measurements and relevant noise studies. Such an action is the installation of noise barriers along the borders of a school in Perama area, located at close proximity to the port.

In parallel, the enhancement of the plantation which takes place in the port’s surrounding area, not only improves the area’s aesthetics, but also contributes to noise absorption, even in places that are indirectly affected by noise caused by port activities.

Image: Noise measurements at PPA SA container stevedoring area.

  •  Air quality

Climate change and greenhouse effect are major issues that concern our society. Anthropogenic activities are regarded as the main source of CO2 emissions, which contribute to the greenhouse effect and solutions that will lead to the effective mitigation of this problem, are sought.

PPA SA, acknowledging  the severity of this issue and although its activities do not relate directly to it, has initiated and implements a pilot quality monitoring program of the atmospheric environment in the port area, taking into consideration both direct and indirect port activities.

In order to implement this monitoring program, an Air Quality Monitoring Station has been installed in the N-NW area of the Central Piraeus Port (Passenger and Cruise Terminals), in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA – School of Chemical Engineers), fully equipped for the inventory of air pollutants’ concentrations on 24 hour basis. The aim is, by assessing the monitoring station inventories, to result in useful information about the levels and distribution of air pollutants in the atmosphere, as well as to identify the main air pollutant sources.

Image: The Air Quality Monitoring Station in PPA SA port area.

Image: Inventory instruments in the PPA SA Air Pollutants Monitoring Station.

  •  Landscape

PPA SA has elaborated a Technical Study concerning the enhancement of the plantation in collaboration with Agricultural University of Athens for the entire port land area, aiming at enhancing the area’s aesthetics, improving the micro-climate through the removal of certain pollutants from the air and optimizing the plants’ maintenance conditions, such as water saving, sound use of pesticides etc.

PPA SA enhances the existing landscape by planting new local species of trees and bushes, such as Cercis silliquastrum, Ceratonia siliqua, Elaeagnus angustifolius, Rosmarinus officinallis, Nerium oleander etc., according to the Technical Study outcomes. Thus, PPA SA contributes to the improvement of the micro-climate and the aesthetics of the surrounding urban area and achieves a better quality of life in the entire area.

Image: New plantings in the Ikonio-Perama area, near the new PPA SA Container Terminal (Pier I).

  • · Energy management

PPA SA initiates the awareness of its employees regarding good practices for energy saving.

PPA SA also implements energy saving measures by means of:

- purchasing electrical equipment depending on the energy class and certification

- scheduled and frequent maintenance of cooling and heating infrastructures

- replacement of incandescent lamps with energy saving ones

In parallel, PPA SA seeks ways of energy saving in buildings and therefore has constructed a green roof on the top of the new office building at the PPA SA Container Terminal (Pier I), where plant species, such as Levandula, Rosmarinus officinallis etc., have been planted. Thus, PPA SA achieves reduction of the building’s energy demands, for both heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. The green roof consists also an aesthetics element of the building, improving the view of the residents in the upwards Perama area.

PPA SA also schedules actions for the evaluation of its buildings’ energy efficiency, whilst at the moment is studying the implementation of Renewable Energy Resources (RES) projects.


Image: Green roof on the top of the new office building at PPA SA Container Terminal (Pier I).

  •  On-shore generated Waste management

PPA SA has organized and implements an on-shore generated Waste Management System for the on-shore generated waste (in offices, workshops, passenger terminals, warehouses etc.), according to which, waste segregation and recycling takes place.

Office-generated waste is:

- Paper –Glass – Packages

- Empty ink cartridges & toners

- Portable batteries and accumulators

- Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

Workshop and in other areas-generated waste is:

- Used Lubricating Oils

- Vehicles and other industrial type accumulators

- Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

- Vehicle and machinery tires

- Timber

- Workshop operational waste

- Dry docks (stationary and floating) operational waste

- Scrap

- Excavation, construction and demolition waste

For the implementation of the PPA SA on-shore generated Waste Management System, PPA SA collaborates with Alternative Waste Management Systems and private waste collection companies, authorized by the relevant competent authorities, ensuring high cleanliness standards at the waste collection spots, where proper waste collection bins have been placed, the avoidance of overflowing waste and the constant awareness of employees and port users.


Image: Waste collection bins placed within the PPA SA port area.