On the subject of the Concession of PPA SA with the "Duty Free Shops"

Piraeus, 20.09.2013

Press Release


On the subject of the Concession of PPA SA with the "Duty Free Shops" in areas of the Passenger station, the following were announced by PPA SA:

  1. The company “Hellenic Duty Free Shops SA”, with which the Greek government has signed the Concession Agreement, is the only provider with the exclusive right to operate duty-free stores within ports and airports. Therefore there is no question about competition since in those areas, as is done in all airports and ports, no third party can participate.
  2. According to Law 2533/97 and the Opinion 36/2013 of the state legal council, the concession of areas, airports or ports, if requested, can be made compulsory for the owner of the customs controlled area, in this case PPA SA. Therefore it is right on behalf of the PPA departments to suggest renting space to "Duty Free Shops" exclusively within the customs controlled area.
  3. The return (5%) is determined by Article 15 of N.2533/97. It is noted that 50% of the gross revenue of the "Duty Free Shops" is introduced as public revenue to the state budget. Therefore, the payment is net revenue for the PPA, it is defined legislatively and, from the overall operation of the shops, the Greek State is a winner.
  4. The Hellenic Duty Free Shops have been operating in PPA SA passenger stations since 1997, like in 22 airports and 12 ports of 16 border posts.

Finally, it is untenable to claim that the operation of two Duty Free Shops within the premises of the transit passenger terminals, operating about 5 months a year, can affect the overall commercial traffic of a huge city such as Piraeus. Note that these shops in Piraeus have been operating in PPA under N.2533/97 and PD 84/1979 for 16 years. To question their legitimacy would be a global first, as the Duty Free Shops are a global trading institution.