Visit of a delegation of the Tianjin port at the PPA for talks on the operation of the passenger cruise port.

Piraeus, 25.09.2013

Press Release


A large delegation of the Tianjin port of China visited the PPA for talks on the operation of the passenger cruise port. The delegation was accompanied by representatives of the PPA Administration, Messrs. T. Tsitouras Cruise Director, Mr. D. Agrapidis Head of Cruise Department, Mr. T. Karlis Head of Strategic Planning, Prof. A. Korres Management Consultant and after the meeting toured the A’ Passenger Terminal “Miaoulis” and the new passenger terminal B’ “Themistocles”, launched in May 2013.
The delegation was led by Vice President Zhao Mingkui, accompanied by the Deputy Director Wang Honghai, Deputy Director of Administration Li Hua and General Manager, Secretary of the Party Committee Yang Zhixin, and was delighted by the excellence of the facilities and professionalism of the staff serving a large number of visitors to the port from the cruise ships, which during the visit amounted to eight. The talks are part of the circle of international collaborations of the PPA with major ports of Europe and the world.
Note that the Tianjin port is the third largest port of China, while earlier a large delegation of the Port of Shanghai had visited the PPA for the same reasons.