Partcipation of MedCruise and through it of the PPA SA, in the Cruise Shipping Asia Pacific exhibition in Singapore

Piraeus, 08.10.2013


Press Release


MedCruise (the Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports) and through it the PPA, is participating this year, for the first time, in the Cruise Shipping Asia Pacific exhibition, which takes place in Singapore from the 8th till the 10th October 2013.
MedCruise President and General Manager of PPA SA, Mr. Stavros Chatzakos, and the Secretary General of MedCruise, Mr. Thanos Pallis , who lead the 12-member MedCruise delegation from five countries (Spain, France , Italy , Slovenia, Greece), will represent the Union at the conference organized as part of this exhibition with participant delegates from significant number of countries in the Far East.
The General Manager of PPA, Mr. Chatzakos, has been invited to present the prospects and attractiveness of the cruise in the Mediterranean in the special training seminar for travel agents from Asia. Given the wide participation of representatives of Chinese travel agencies, during the conference special information material will be distributed about the cruise in the Mediterranean area in Chinese.
This is the first action of MedCruise in Asia , which is part of the communication strategy with professionals in the cruise market in countries with particularly dynamic as 'new sources ' cruisers - with the goal of increasing the number of passengers in the Mediterranean being a prospect with multiple benefits for the Greek ports and the national economy.
On the first day of the four-day visit, representatives of MedCruise had a briefing with representatives of the Marina Bay Cruise Terminal in Singapore, one of the most modern cruise terminals in the world, which became fully operational in 2012 and managed by concession with a significant percentage belonging to the Port Authority of Barcelona.
Opening collaborations on topics and cruise ports in the Far East, particularly China, were boosted after visits from staffers from the ports Shanghai and Tianjin, which together with Hong Kong are the three biggest ports in China, to PPA SA, This link will benefit both sides, especially the cruise in the Greek islands after the Japanese and Chinese stream to our country is steadily increasing.