A meeting held in the municipality of Piraeus on the issue of European Maritime Day 2015

Press Release

At a meeting held in the municipality of Piraeus on the issue of European Maritime Day 2015, the year in which Piraeus and the port are the honorees, attended by Commissioner Mrs M. Damanaki, Minister of Marine and the Aegean Mr. M. Varvitsiotis, Deputy Head of the Prefect Mr. S. Christou and representatives of other bodies, the President and CEO of PPA SA Mr. George Anomeritis submitted to the Mayor of Piraeus Mr. B. Michaloliakos, a precise recommendation, whose main points were as follows:
With the adoption by the European Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission's “European Maritime Day - EMD” and the decision by the EU to designate for 2015 as guest of honor the city - port of Piraeus, is a unique opportunity in our country, Piraeus and the port, for the promotion of issues of our shipping and port industry.
The E.M.D. is an important maritime event in Europe, since May 20th has been set as the day of maritime activities for Europe and its regions. This day is celebrated in all Member States, but separately in the port city of the honored country.
 As it is known host cities have been:
• 2011 Danzig, Poland
• 2012 Goteborg, Sweden
• 2013 Valetta, Malta
• 2014 Bremen –Bremerhaven, Germany and
• 2015 Piraeus and its harbor.

Suggestions of the PPA for 2015:
1. Political Responsibility:
Political responsibility for the E.M.D. 2015 should fall to the Ministry of Marine and the Aegean, in collaboration with the Region of Attica. (Designate responsible parties)
2. Organizers:
The Municipality of Piraeus and PPA, in collaboration with the Greek Tourism Organization, the Athens Festival and institutions or companies. (Determine Areas for Offices and responsible parties).
3. Featured Topic:
“The sea and the harbors, inexhaustible source of wealth and culture”. With the obvious aim to highlight the economic, social and environmental dimensions of maritime, and linking the ports with the development of civilization.
4. Main Program:
May 19th 2015: Political Event involving government, committees, political parties, main European bodies (IMO, ESPO, etc.).
Venue: Municipal Theatre of Piraeus.
May 20th 2015: Thematic Events involving the U.G.S., H.C.S. , H.P.A. , P.S.F.
Venue: Conference Rooms of “Piece and Friendship Stadium”
May 21st 2015: Cultural events involving the Opera, Theatres, Exhibitions, Cultural Institutions, Bodies etc.
Venue: Rooms and Warehouses in the Port and the Municipal Theatre, the Foundation Irene Papas in the Faliro waterfront, in Veakio etc.
5. Budget:
The total budget based on the experience of previous cities is expected to rise to 750.000 Euros. The General Management of MARE EU contributes 250.000 Euros. This means that the Municipality of Piraeus, the Piraeus Port Authority SA and sponsorships from private sources should cover approximately 500.000 Euros.
6. Participation:
It is expected that official guests from Greece and Europe will reach 1.500 people. Cultural events are expected to have a large turnout, which will be calculated when the program of events of the semester May-October 2015 will be drafted.
7. Action Schedule 2013:
a. October 2013:
• Define project-leader and organizational committee.
b. November 2013:
• Visit to Bremerhaven
• Participation of Piraeus and PPA in the events there.
• Define organizers - companies.
c. December 2013:
• Website
• 1st Project Plan
• Invitation for Ideas for events (3 month duration for proposals)
• Define spaces
• Final Organizational Committee
8. Other Events:
In addition to the three days of official events, a program of events needs to be established, which will cover the period May 2015 - October 2015 with events in the wider area of Piraeus and Salamina. Through the E.M.D. a great opportunity to highlight the anniversary of the Battle of Salamis in 2021 is given, and the claim in 2014 of Piraeus and Salamina as Cultural Capital of Europe in 2021. As is known, by 2017 all projects of the Cultural Coast of Piraeus will be ready for operation and use, while by 2015 the Stone Warehouse, the Archaeological Park, the pier at Krakari etc. will be ready.