German MPs delegation visited the PPA and commercial port of Piraeus.

Press Release

1. German MPs delegation visited the PPA, which together with their partners visited the facilities for passengers and commercial port of Piraeus.
The Delegation Members met with the President of the PPA Mr. George Anomeritis and General Manager Mr. St. Chatzakos with whom they discussed issues for the strategic development of the port, but also for the role of the Greek port system in the Greek economy.
The delegation showed particular interest in the environmental policies instituted, policies whose results have been recognized by the European Union Ports (ESPO), which has recognized the port of Piraeus as ECOPORT and Certified by Lloyd's.
2. The delegation of the Chamber of Commerce Development of Hong-Kong visited the PPA and held discussions with management and members of the PPA.
The delegation of the Chamber, except for the issues of development of the port , was particularly concerned with the naval forum of POSIDONIA, in which members - companies in Hong-Kong said they would actively participate in.