Concerning reports of some blogs about the ship “MSC Magnifica”

Piraeus, 29.11.2013

Press Release


Concerning reports of some blogs, that after the impact of the ship “MSC Magnifica” at the red lantern entry of Central Port of Piraeus, “the port is left without a lighthouse”, the following are made clear by PPA SA:
1. From the first day, in consultation with the competent Lighthouse Service of the Ministry of National Defense, a red electric entry light has been placed on an iron tripod.
2.  The PPA received the same day, from the P & I Club of the company, the guaranteed amount to restore the pier and permanent lighthouse.
3. The Technical Service of PPA SA promotes the work of formation of the pier and the construction of the lighthouse through the appropriate procedures.
4. What was written, about risk events or persons, is in the realm of certain people’s imagination, who although of Piraeus, slander Piraeus and its Port.