Support of people who live in the port under problematic conditions.

Piraeus, 17.12.2013

Press Release


Under the policies of Corporate Social Responsibility exercised by PPA SA and for the support of people who live in the port under problematic conditions, ahead of the holidays it was decided by the Board as follows:
a. The granting of Christmas gifts to all the children of employees in the PPA, the children of employees in the Municipalities of Piraeus, Drapetsona - Keratsini and Perama.
b. The continuation of the policy of supply of food through institutions of the church and Municipality.
c. The feeding during the holidays of all the homeless people of the port.
d. The opening of the air-conditioned rooms, due to the climatic conditions, in some of the passenger terminals.
e. Providing benefits to the vulnerable groups in the deprived areas in consultation with the local government, unions and social organizations. It is noted that during the summer, the aesthetic improvement of the port (painting, etc.) was assigned to unemployed workers from the shipbuilding area with individual contracts, an experiment which achieved its objectives and will be repeated.
Note that the PPA and NAFSOLP SA were the pioneers for the employment program of the unemployed workers through PCCI (8 million Euros) with active participation in the required training of the unemployed to repair facilities of PPA SA.
PPA SA is not only the largest development organization of Piraeus, but also a force for social joint responsibility after covering social and cultural needs in the area of Piraeus (Cultural Coast, Municipal Theatre, Church St. Nicolaos etc.)
Especially for the Christmas celebrations, PPA SA illuminated all the Gates of the Port and its buildings, and gave a copy of the ship of the benefactor Varvaki, which was donated to PPA by the internationally acclaimed film director John Smaragdis, to the Municipality of Piraeus, in order to adorn the space in front of the Municipal Reclaimed Theater.
The Board of PPA SA will publish for reasons of accountability and transparency, all its actions on CSR issues for the years 2012 and 2013 in a single volume.