A Workshop entitled “1st EcoPorts Workshop on Waste Reception facilities” will be held at the hall of PPA SA.

Piraeus, 26.03.2014

Press Release

Visitation and speech of the Secretary General of ESPO
(European Sea Ports Organization) at PPA SA

A Workshop entitled “1st EcoPorts Workshop on Waste Reception facilities” will be held on Friday, March 28th 2014, at 10:30 until 15:30, at the hall of PPA SA.
The Workshop, organized by the European Sea Ports Organization (ESPO), in cooperation with the PPA SA, will be attended by the General Secretary of ESPO, Ms. Isabelle Ryckbost and the representative of the General Directorate for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) of the European Commission, Ms. Anna Bodo Remijn.
The topics of the workshop include the policy in the sector of ship-generated waste management and the experiences of port members of the network ECOPORTS and other entities such as MEDCRUISE and EUROSHORE.
During the conference a conferment will take place, by ESPO to PPA, of the updated (revision of 2013) Environmental management certificate PERS. It is noted that the PPA applies the certified environmental management system PERS -2004, which - to date – it has reviewed 3 times, while the certification process is implemented by an independent International Body, the Lloyd's Register. The PERS certification covers all port activities and services of PPA SA (commercial port, car-terminal, cruise, and shipping).
Meanwhile, on March 27th 2014, the meeting of the Sustainable Development Committee of ESPO will be held and on the morning of March 28th 2014, the 1st Internal Meeting of EcoPorts network ports will be held, of which members are, apart from PPA SA, the members of E.LIM.E.: P.A. Thessaloniki SA, P.A. Volos SA, P.A. Corfu SA, P.A. Igoumenitsa SA and P.A. Kavala SA.
A meeting and working dinner will take place beforehand, by the Chairman and CEO of PPA SA Mr. George Anomeritis, in honor of the G.S. of ESPO Ms. Isabelle Ryckbost, on European ports policy and the enactment, under new EU regulation, on the port services market.