Meeting between PPA SA and COSCO GROUP with the presence of the presidents of both companies.

Piraeus, 19.06.2014

Press Release

A meeting between PPA SA and COSCO GROUP was organized today in the main meeting hall of the Authority, with the presence of the presidents of both companies, Mr. George Anomeritis and Mr. Ma Zehua.
The meeting examined the issues of cooperation between PPA SA and PCT SA, which is the operator of Piers II and East Pier III Container Terminal of PPA in Perama, and the course of the Concession Agreement of 2009, as revised under friendly settlements.
At the meeting, on behalf of PPA SA, the Deputy CEO Mr. Pan. Petroulis, the General Director Mr. Stavros Chatzakos, the Director of Legal Services Mr. Andreas Mamangakis and the Director of Administration Mr. D. Spyrou were present. On behalf of COSCO, Mr. Liu Xianghao the Director of COSCO, Mr. Fu Haichao the President of COSCO EUROPE, cpt. Ju Weiping the CEO of COSCO HELLAS, Mr. Qiu Jinguang the Vice President of COSCO PACIFIC, capt. Fu ChengQiu CEO of PCT SA and the General Director of COSCO HELLAS Mr. Angelos Karakostas, attended.
Both sides expressed satisfaction with the level of cooperation that has been demonstrated, and are awaiting the completion of the agreed procedures for the Second Friendly Settlement of 2013, which will expand business opportunities for both sides.
Mr. Ma Zehua conveyed to Mr. G. Anomeritis warm greetings from the former Chairman of COSCO cpt. Wei Jiafu, by whom in 2002 the first MOU for cooperation between Greece - China and PPA-COSCO was first signed.