The first freight train of TRAINOSE arrived at the commercial on-port PPA Station PPA in N. Ikonio.



Press Release                                                 Piraeus, 23.07.2014

The first freight train of TRAINOSE, which unloaded grain for the milling company “Saradopoulos SA”, arrived at the commercial on-port PPA Station PPA in N. Ikonio.
In this way, the link between the port and the rural areas of the country, for the transportation of agricultural products, has begun.
As it is known, after the construction of the network and the railway station for containers, for the needs of the PPA and the PCT, the second railway terminal was manufactured and delivered by ERGOSE, for the needs of the car-terminal (car transportation to and from the port of Piraeus) and the trading activities of the Piraeus industries, activities performed exclusively by PPA SA.
The transport of vehicles and machinery through TRAINOSE is expected to begin in autumn with itineraries from Europe and the Balkans to the Far East, Asia and Africa and vice versa from major automakers of these continents through Piraeus to the countries of Europe.
As the President and CEO of PPA SA, Mr. George Anomeritis, commented: “Another important activity of PPA SA has entered literally “on track”. After the railway container terminal OSE/PPA/PCT, the b’ OSE/PPA car and cargo carrier began to operate. Note that the car-terminal of PPA SA is the largest in the Eastern Mediterranean, after moving through this year from 400.000 to 500.000 cars-goods, despite the crisis. Already the car-terminal has expanded its activities through an underground tunnel to the neighboring area – property of PPA - covering 90.000 m2. Recall that with the new project, the available spaces will increase to 280.000 m² and after two years (2016) will increase to 300.000 m², after the redevelopment of the “Hercules” pier.