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Final removal of the Ro-Ro / Passenger Ship “Panagia Tinou”.

Piraeus, 20.03.2017

Final removal of the Ro-Ro / Passenger Ship “Panagia Tinou”.

        The ship “Panagia Tinou” removal procedure from the Piraeus passenger port is completing tomorrow 21.03.2017, within the period specified by the tender. It is noted that it was preceded the lifting and stabilization of the ship and then the issue of the necessary cross-border licenses for its removal. The company ANTIPOLLUTION which is carrying out the project, will finally remove the ship abroad.
       The PPA applying the legislation, has achieved in the recent years to remove more than 100 abandoned and semi-sunk vessels of its responsibility area, aiming to upgrade the free navigation services and to improve the environmental management in accordance with the European and international standards for the protection of the environment.