Official visit of the ambassador of Kenya to the PPA

 Piraeus, 12.04.2017


                                                    Official visit of the ambassador of Kenya to the PPA

A cooperation meeting between the Ambassador of Kenya Tom Amolo and the Management of the PPA, held today Wednesday 12.04.2017 at the headquarters of the Company.  

As it is known, in recent years there have been official high-level visits of Kenyan delegations to the Piraeus port, while the PPA is a founding member of the Hellenic-Kenyan Chamber.
Kenya, with population of over 40 million inhabitants, has strong trade ties with EU countries and Mombasa, the main port of the country, is serving many countries in the African mainland.
Piraeus the gate of Balkan, South and Central Europe and Mombasa one of East Africa's most important imports and exports port, are going to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the development of the relations between the two ports in shipping matters and marine transports. 
The CEO of PPA Cpt. Fu said that the cooperation between the two ports opens a new door for the development of transit trade and the strengthening of maritime connections between Greece and Kenya.
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The Ambassador of Kenya Tom Amolo with the CEO of PPA capt. Fu Chengqiu.