Welcome ceremony for the first group of Chinese cruisers.

Piraeus, 21.04.2017
   Welcome ceremony for the first group of Chinese cruisers.
The PPA S.A. Management headed by its CEO Cpt. Fu Chengqiu with the CEO of Celestyal Cruises Mr. Kyriakos Anastassiadis, welcomed the first group of 250 Chinese tourists at a special event on the Celestyal Olympia cruise ship just before beginning a cruise trip from Piraeus to the Greek islands.
This is a particularly important development in an effort of the new PPA S.A. Management to open the Chinese cruise market in the Mediterranean, a target supported by the relative state institutions as well. In this direction, a number of initiatives have been recently undertaken for further development of home porting and strengthening of the Piraeus port in the international cruise industry. 
During the event, the Management of PPA S.A. handed an honorary plaque to Celestyal Cruises, which uses Piraeus as a cruise home port, for its total contribution to the development of home porting, since over 650,000 passengers have traveled with the company over the past 5 years.
As Cpt. Fu Chengqiu stated: "We cordially thank Celestyal Cruises for the productive cooperation and trust in the port of Piraeus. The development of Piraeus as a cruise port is very important for both, local and national economy. For this reason, we are planning to upgrade the cruise infrastructure and services to emerge the great potential of the Piraeus port".
Photo 1 (L-R):
Mr. Kalamatianos Dionysis-Charalampos, Ministry of Shipping Secretary General, Ms. Pantiora Fotini, Minister of Shipping Consultant, Mr. Liagkos Athanasios, Consultant and Member of the BoD of PPA SA, Mr. Deng Xiaoli, Deputy CEO of PPA SA, Capt. Fu Chengqiu, CEO of PPA SA , Mr.  Loizou Kostakis, President of Celestyal Cruises, Mr. Anastassiadis Kyriakos, CEO of Celestyal Cruises, cpt. Stathis Romeos, captain of the ship and cpt. Koumpenas Georgios, Vice President of Operations of Celestyal Cruises.
Photo 2: Capt. Fu Chengqiu, CEO of PPA SA and Mr. Anastassiadis Kyriakos, CEO of Celestyal Cruises.