Completion of the European program AUGGMED at the PPA S.A.

Piraeus, 22.03.2018



Completion of the European program AUGGMED at the PPA S.A.

Another one European program, related to the security and training of PPA S.A. security staff, "AUGGMED", ended with its third pilot demonstration at the port of Piraeus. The other two were successfully held at the Leeds airport in the UK and the underground train station in Barcelona.

The EU Project AUGGMED (AUtomated serious Game scenario Generator for MixED reality training), ended successfully the round of pilot trials at Cruise terminal “MIAOULIS” in the presence of executives of Piraeus port and other services.

AUGGMED is based on existing tools in the market such as simulations technics in real time scenarios using the Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. The software used are the EXODUS developed by the Greenwich University and associated to crisis management and the UNITY, a software for game machines, building a new platform in which are simulated scenarios of terrorist attacks targeting to training the staff of security against to terrorists attacks.

As mentioned by Mr. Ioannis Papagiannopoulos, PFSO of PPA – DPSO – DManager of Security and Environmental Protection Dept and Chairman of scientific committee for the implementation of the project, terrorism, alongside the consequences of increasingly volatile natural disasters, continues to be a major threat to life and infrastructure across Europe and beyond. VR and MR training significantly reduces the major cost and time resources of these traditional methods whilst at the same time increasing the frequency and availability of training opportunities while maintaining optimal levels of safety and allowing highest training level.

The multimodal VR and MR platform developed in AUGGMED can be used in a range of different locations yet realistic facilities, with a variety of devices and technologies from smartphones and tablets to high-end PCs with multiple monitors and HMDs (Head Mounted Displays).

As it is known, PPA S.A. participates in a numerous EU Projects as Project Leader or Project Partner and obtains significant benefits from the know-how that its executives acquire, as well as the exchange of knowledge and views with the executives of other European ports.