Facilities of General Cargo Terminal – Logistics Center

For loading and unloading of goods PPA has all required special equipment (forklifts, lifting machines, etc.) and experienced staff.

For temporary storage of goods PPA keep their accounting records and rules and in the warehouses are available cleared areas depending on the type of goods.

To monitor the throughput of goods special computerized system is used, which is in direct connection with the Customs (ICISnet). Goods moving within the warehouses are under Customs temporary storage.

For the convenience of officials of the Customs is available within the warehouse bays customs control and verification procedures.

For security storage of goods available, apart from the necessary human resources, and monitoring equipment (cameras cctv etc) of the area of warehouses in 24 hours base.

For the safety of the goods they have taken all the prescribed fire-fighting measures. In case of damage to the PPA liability provided compensation from liability insurance contract.

For the convenience of customs representatives (customs agents) reserved space for the bungalows - office, adjacent to the offices of supervisor Second Customs Import - Export, which are in the same area and found the warehouse complex.

Nearby are the offices and other public services, the Port Police, the phytopathological - veterinary control, the fire brigade, the General Chemical State Laboratory, etc., as well as offices of the PPA Services.

To serve the international transport truck drivers (TIR) allocated separate areas comfortable and safe parking.

For the convenience of personal transport companies special cabins available within the area is and warehouse complex.

For the convenience of recipients and their means of transport available the required equipment (forklifts etc.), as well as the possibility to use special ramps loading of their merchandise.

The handling and storage of goods tariffs are among the lowest in the market and apply to all customers of the company, observing the principles of transparency, proportionality, equal treatment and non-discrimination. For this reason they are published on the PPA website Internet (www.olp.gr)