Utilization of land areas


The Company operates a number of premises which are under its authority. Specifically, it concedes upon economic return, the use of these sites (outdoor and indoor) to third parties for the operation of shipbuilding units (at the repair base of Perama and Kynosoura), various industrial complexes, canteens, cafes, food storages and offices for agencies.

The economic development and upgrading of the area adjacent to the harbor is a constant pursuit of PPA SA and it concerns the benefit of the local communities and the national economy.


In this context, the construction of a new ultra modern exhibition center in the Palataki region (70.000m2), will decisively contribute to the development of the City and will make the port of Piraeus an international exhibition and events center.


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Passenger Services- Property Management Department

Telephone: (0030) 210 –

4550136, 4550138, 4550149, 4550134
Faximile: (0030) 210 - 4550207

PPA SA Underground Car Parking at Karaiskaki Square

The underground car parking of PPA SA at Karaiskaki Square has a capacity of 700 slots, located in the center of the passenger port of Piraeus and serves all domestic routes, while located about 200 meters from both the railway station and the shopping center. It operates 24 hours a day, weekdays and holidays.


Price List in euros (prices include 23% VAT)



First hour: 5.00

Second hour till eleventh hour: 1.00 per hour

After 11 hours, parking charge is not per hour but reverts to the 24 hour charge.

24 hours charge: 15.00

Monthly rent (for regular customers only): 130.00



per day: 6.00

per month: 50.00