Audit Committee

Audit Committee

The existing Audit Committee, whose type (Committee of the BoD consisting of non-Executive Members appointed by the BoD), the composition (independent Committee consisting of non-Executive BoD Members, in their majority independent), the number of its members (3 members) and its term of office (term equal to the term of the new BoD) was redefined by the Ordinary General Assembly of July 15th, 2021, and its members were appointed by the Board of Directors on July 16th, 2021, constituted into Body in its meeting of July 16th 2021 as follows:


PPA Audit Committee composition

Chairman of the Audit Committee, Mr. KWONG, Che Keung Gordon, Independent, non-executive BoD Member

Member of the Audit Committee, Mr. Nikolaos Arvanitis, independent, non-executive BoD Member.

Member of the Audit Committee, Mr. Dimitrios Politis, Non-Executive BoD Member