2600 BC Ancient Times - 267 AC

2600 - 2000 BC. Piraeus was cut off. The progressive association with the Attiki created the port.

1300 BC The first inhabitants settled in Piraeus Mounichia hill. Conducted on-routes and colonization Minyes, Pelasgians, Ka-dmeion and Thracians. The Minyans installed in Piraeus.

560 to 527 BC Constructed roads in Athens and Piraeus area of Pisistratus.

511 BC Fortified hill of Mounichia by Hippias.

507 BC Cleisthenes called the Municipality of Piraeus in Athens.

493 BC Start the fortifications of Piraeus and the construction of the walls of Themistocles.

483 BC Themistocles persuades the Athenians to build the navy and to carry the seaport of Piraeus Faliro.

480 BC It is the battle at Salamis, near the port of Piraeus.

479 BC Begins the construction of the port of Piraeus and neosoikon.

478 BC The Piraeus was fortified.

471 BC The walls nontai integrated, while the exiled Themistocles. Piraeus is not only war but also an important commercial port.

451 to 431 BC Rebuilt the city of Piraeus, under the project architect Hippodamus.
448 to 431 BC Pericles successfully complete the program of Themistocles. Galleries were erected in Piraeus, the Amfiopoli the Hippodameios Market and other buildings for state agencies.
Piraeus naftemporiko becoming a great center.

431 to 414 BC Because of the Peloponnesian War marked decline in the activities and movement of the port.

414 BC The water of the city of Piraeus is improved by design: the Meton, renowned architect of the era.

411 BC Founded and co-operative Bank Archistratou Anti-valence, catalyzed by democratic principles and the power passed into the hands of four hundred. The same year he erected in Piraeus, the Grand Lodge and the new, stronger already available, wall to Haetionian Coast.

400 BC With the arrival of Lysander in Piraeus exclusion and shall surrender the city. Demolished the walls, the dockyard and the fleet is delivered. The thirty tyrants sell the ship sheds at the harbor eftelestati price.
403 BC Thrasybulus defeating thirty tyrants releases Piraeus.

400 BC A Piraeus Bank of Pasionos.

394 to 393 BC Erected by Conon the ruined walls of Piraeus and the Afrodisio founded in memory of his victory. At this time reconstructed the navy and the port.

376 BC Spartan Heavy with 10,000 soldiers, night trying to understand the Piraeus.

370 BC The opening of the port of Piraeus is starting to grow.

347 to 323 BC Rebuilt the Shipsheds.

347 to 328 BC Founded the Arsenal of Philo, near the port of Zea.

345 BC Concluded a peace treaty between Athens and Philip and starts a new edge to Piraeus.

322 BC The Athenians, Macedonians renounce sovereignty, but defeated Macedonians and installed a permanent garrison on the hill of Mounichia. From this year begins the slow decline of Piraeus.

319 BC The Polysperchon, successor of Antipater, siege and conquers Piraeus.

318 BC Cassander recover Piraeus.

307 BC Demetrius Poliorketes, excavating the fort Mounichia the Athenians to the delight of the offer as a gift Piraeus.

267 BC The raid Heruli out of Piraeus.

251 BC Without intervention Aratou be attributed to the Athenians 150 anti talents, Piraeus, Salamis, Mounichia and ports. Then start the repairs of the walls and the fortification of ports.

250 BC Continued decline of Piraeus.

146 BC After the capture and destruction of Corinth, Piraeus and the rest of Greece, submitting to Roman rule.

86 BC Athenians Peiraiotes revolt against Roman rule. Sulla suppress the rebellion, captures the Attica, destroys and burns Piraeus.

79 BC Cicero goes from Piraeus.

67 BC Pompey takes fight against peiraton.Kataskefazontai Piraeus projects distinguished for their sloppiness. Carry out a reconstruction of the "Sample" and some Neoreia by donation of Pompey.

45 BC It arrives in Piraeus Horace.

176 AD At the Antonine built makeshift port projects for passengers and goods, leading to a slight increase in traffic of the port. At the same time, art lovers and placed a statue of a lion at the port of Piraeus.

267 AD The Goths and Heruli raid in Piraeus, leaving residents to flee the city.
Byzantine Period 322 AD - 1387 AD

322 AD The fleet consisted of Constantine the Great Ships of 1200 in order to cope with Licinius, concentrated in Piraeus. The port is used as a naval dockyard and base of operations.

395 AD Raid Goths under Alaric. Conclusive death of Piraeus and the port. Nevertheless it remains a safe haven and base of ships or entire fleet.

551 AD The remaining port of Piraeus projects destroyed by earthquake.

622 AD The Byzantine fleet sailed from Piraeus, having received the Irene the Athenian, to be crowned empress in Constantinople.
1019 AD Basil II the Bulgar, after the victory against the Bulgarians coming to Athens, and after thanking the noble praises God, the church of Panagia Athiniotissas the Parthenon, he left for Istanbul from the port of Piraeus, where he had gathered strong fate of the Byzantine fleet.

1040 AD Varangians and Norwegians in the head Arald, serving the Byzantine Emperor Michael IV the Paphlagonian, passing through the port of Piraeus, engraved on the side of the huge marble lion that was in the harbor, marking the ancient Norse language.

1146 AD There is a slight increase in commercial traffic of the port.

1205 AD Athens and Piraeus possession of the Franks.

1317 AD The port anchor was a Catalan fleet, attacked the Venetians. The port shall be called "port of the Lion" or "Porto Leone" or "Porto Dragon" because of the large agalmatinou lion stood at the entrance.

1387 AD This year catalyzed the Catalan domination of Athens and Piraeus and Delaros, Frankish rulers of Athens, make repairs to the port of Piraeus.

Ottoman Empire 1456 AD - 1824 AD

1456. Piraeus and Athens are subordinate to the Turkish invaders.

1458. Muhammad the conqueror of Istanbul, visiting the port of Piraeus.

1466. The Venetian fleet under the command of Victor Hat, anchored in the port of Piraeus to the Turkish ships attacked there and do raid in Athens.

1467. Venetians attacked in the port of Piraeus in the Turks and conquered Athens.

1481. Pirate ships attack merchant ships in the port of Piraeus.

1670-1675. Extracting oil from the port of Piraeus in Marseille.

1687-1688. Arriving in Piraeus large Venetian fleet under the command of Morosini. Here cannonade and destruction of the Parthenon. Among other spoils moved to Venice and the great marble lion's port.

1770. Installs in Piraeus, as the first resident of the Kafrak.

1806. The Satomprian visited Piraeus, where he strikes me the absolute devastation of the port.

1824. Unlocking Piraeus Karaiskakis who besiege and occupy the monastery of Saint Spyridon where they had fortified the Turks by order of Kioutahis.

Newer Times

1833. Piraeus was declared an independent municipality.

1834. The capital moved from Greece to Athens. Then King Otto disembark at Piraeus to settle in Athens. This is the beginning of a new movement in the harbor and up the Customs and Port Authorities of Piraeus, which falls under the Port Authority of Hydra.

1835. Merchants from Chios and Hydra installed in Piraeus, while at the same time, with the Royal Order of 16.10.1835, it finally 10% of the import duty of imported goods from the port. The extra amount was for the construction of "mole" or "correction" of the port and the drainage of the members. Defined as the first ombudsman of the port.

1835. Furthermore, a building of the church of St. Spyridon in place of the historic abbey, while the fast sailing ships that were used to transport Piraeus - Izmir - Istanbul etc. replaced by the steamship "East."

1836. The construction of the road Athens - Piraeus, which serves to increase the traffic of the port. The same year he founded Health Department in Piraeus.

1840. The first Greek-owned cargo steamer, the newly "Dimitrios - Christina, arrives at the port of Piraeus.

1842. Because the reaction of the large ports of that era, Syros Patras, Nafplio, Piraeus draft declaration as a "free port" is rejected.

1848. By regulating the administration of the port takes a three-member "guardianship". Increasing the charges on freight charges and other rights. They are dredging the harbor jetty paving etc.

1850. The opening of the port annually, amounting to approximately 7,000 vessels entering and leaving, total capacity 130,000 passengers and 30,000 tonnes of which 28,000 domestic and 2,000 abroad.

1860. Established at the port Shipyards Vassiliadis. At the port of Piraeus registered 301 sailboats, capacity 14,944 tons.

1861. This year formed the "Election guardianship of the port of Piraeus" and the port is now under the control of the Municipal Authority.

1868. Begins the construction of quays at the port yard.

1869. Carry a railway linking the Athens and Piraeus. Alongside the established marine insurance company "Archangel" and the first Hellenic Register of Shipping.

1872. Replace the use of oil for lighting the harbor of gas. Construction of the Stock Exchange of Piraeus, the so-called "Clock". According to measurements of the time the population of Piraeus is approximately 16,000 residents.

1874. The Electoral Commission concluded 400.000drch loan for the implementation of port projects, while at the same time the machine Piraeus build the first steam engines, power up to 100 hp.

1875. Increase the tax on imported goods to the port.

1876. Installation of the first crane in the harbor.

1881-1886. Over these five years bought large dredger, dredging out the harbor and port utilized yard.

1884. A Piraeus, the Naval Academy.

1889. Piraeus has 34,527 inhabitants.

1890. The traffic in the port amounts to 2,460 ships of 1,500,000 tons per annum.

1893. Opened the Corinth Canal and increasing the traffic of the port of Piraeus.

1898. Manufactured the first outer pier of the port

1904. The electricity used for lighting the harbor. There is widening of the wharf Troumbis.

1906. Manufactured by the second outer pier of the harbor. in entering and leaving port 5350 ships with a total capacity of 3,250,000 tons.

1908. Does the small stones of the reef's outer harbor.

1911. By law recommended new management of the port, the 15-member "guardianship Piraeus Port Authority, with representatives of all concerned, the port classes.

1912. The construction of two permanent tanks to the harbor.

1920. Draft plans of the port configuration by Wiley, Alpain Mac and Jackson.

1921. As chairman of the Port Commission set D. Kallimasioti.

1923. New layout of the harbor, drawn up by the Port Commission.

1924. March 16 opening the inauguration of major projects of the port by the French group Ersan, cost 550 million drachmas.

1926. Floor plan of the harbor, drawn up by Kelenek.

1929. New layout of the port, the Port Commission, Sakali and Isaiah, suggesting limenopoiisi of Faliro.

1930. The rapid development of the port requires the establishment, under the 4748 Act, an autonomous body of the port administration of the "Piraeus Port Authority (OLP)

1931. Integrate the new platform of the port, length 2748 meters and five large stores, while the PPA undertakes the handling of goods.

1932. An opening of the Free Zone and installation of two cranes.

1937. Opening Granary (Silo) of the harbor and aspirator.

1939. The start of World War II is beginning to affect the movement of the port.

1941. Tremendous explosion in the harbor, the ship filled with munitions cause severe damage to the port and town. The enemy air raids caused the destruction of the first crane and the German military occupation administration settled in the harbor.

1944. The Germans, departing, blows up the platforms and port facilities. An resumption of loading / unloading operations at the port by OLP

1945. Begin at the port of clearance work from the wrecks.

1946. Bought 31 cranes for the port stevedoring operations.

1950. Publication of the need. Act 1559 for the Port of Piraeus, 13 new electric cranes are starting to work at the port after the completion of assembly and reach 25 forklifts and lifting cargo at the port.

1951. To better monitor the work of the port is divided into 6 apartments, which start immediately to work. Deleted contracted rights to plefrismenon ship and took the OLP to collect, while the same year saw the inauguration of the manufactured with the help of new American works of the port.

1953. Ending the repair of the platform I-K Alon harbor and the big bay pier Drapetsona.

1955. Completed the reconstruction of the damaged by bombing the port hall. Begin major projects kripidoseos east of the port.

1957. Inaugurated and delivered for use jetties Karaiskaki and Vas, as well as platforms Vassiliadis Dock Hall and B. Booth.

1958. Constructed two large metal sheds at the port of Alon and starts the same time the operation of oil refineries, founded near the port.

1959. Manufactured large metal shed near the Royal Pavilion, the opening of the entefktiriou and restaurant employees and workers of OLP and completed major projects of the port of Piraeus, including 2,600 meters of new platforms.

1959. That same year begins the construction of the first Marine Passenger Terminal and two large warehouses, the construction of Port Hercules (St. George Keratsini) and discovered near the port of Piraeus, the ancient statues of the great features of ancient Greek sculpture.

1961. Constructed two new large warehouse on the shore of the harbor Vassiliadis.

1962. Construction of pier Freatida small harbor and "Delta" Faliro.

1964. Completion of the expansion of the building and Granary (Silo). Launch of the IchthyoskalasKeratsiniou.

1966. Begins the construction of the Passenger Terminal Saint Nicholas and granted the small harbor of Zea - Freatida the EOT

1967. Starts the operation of two floating docks in Perama.
1968. The PPA is under the supervision of the Ministry of Merchant Marine, while the same time demolished the historic Town Hall ("Clock").

1973. Begins the construction of Pier I at New Konya.

1974. Carry supply a floating crane of 100 tonnes.

1975. Open the first container crane at the station Cote Vassiliadis.

1976. Modernized the law and is restructuring its services OLP and organized for the first time, the shipping exhibition "Posidonia" in the passenger station OLP

1978. Trapezoidal construction begins - starting - at New Pier Konya to create new high-power goods and matokivotion apopera-tonontas projects to expand the Container Terminal Cote Vassiliadis.

1979. Begins operation of a container service - refrigerated capacity of 240 seats.

1980. Provision of two new cranes for Containers and install the Coast Vassiliadis and Pier I (N. Konya).

1981. Ending the study of British Consultative Organization "Placon Ltd" for the port of Piraeus.

1982. A new Board of OLP a 14-member composition prepared by the five-year development plan of the port. Furthermore, a power supply of 17 cranes and three tugboats of 500 HP.

1983. Measures JIA development of transit cargo transit in the port of Piraeus. In the implementation of international convention Marpol 1973/1978 (N.1269/82), awarded after public tender, a shipping company carrying out the work reflection of petroleum and chemical waste, sewage, garbage, etc. then gets the first decisions the computerization of port services.

1984. Relieve many areas of the central port to serve the passenger traffic. Cars TIR moved to New Konya. The same year, plant more trees, the area of the central port and taken to illustrate the ruins of ancient Piraeus wall in Palataki. Also exploited the Central Passenger Terminal as an exhibition space, the organization of international exhibitions.

1985. Formed the inner and outer space of the Passenger Terminal Saint Nicholas.

1986. Supplied in fully exploiting the Container Terminal Vassiliadis Coast who has organized most of modern bases. Enhancing the mechanical equipment with 11 new vehicles and transport trucks containers, 28 forklift trucks, 10 tractors, buses, ambulances, trailers, etc. In addition to approving the purchase by the PPA speedboat.

1987. Shall be adopted by the Fourth of OLP S. The investment program of the new container terminal in N. Konya EUR 9.5 billion drachmas. 1988.Dimopratountai projects worth 630 million drachmas, among them the building for employees of OLP pier III.

1988. The Board of Directors OLP decide to give the name of Eleftherios Venizelos N. Konya Container Terminal, in honor of the great Greek statesman and founder of the Organization. An announcement of the new wharf operation of the Station-Commodity tokivotion N. Konya, in early 1989, delivered to farm-crepidoma vehicles, 400 meters in length and covering 100,000 sq. km. measures. Study design garage to the main port.

1992. The inauguration of a new modern passenger terminal Foreign Xaveriou Coast.

1993. Delivery to exploit new warehouse emptying containers, surface of 20,000 sq.m. Station "Eleftherios Venizelos". Auction of construction west jetty at the same station, worth 12 billion drachmas and a first preliminary development plan, the port complex OLP for the five years 1993-1997.

1994-95. Extended Quays Station Commodity-tokivotion Iconium and transfer cranes 2 by dock3 / Vassiliadis central port in Konya.

1995-96. Ongoing projects in Konya and completes the connection to "Sxisto" and National Road Network. At the same time, there are preliminary studies OLP, Railway for rail connection Schistos - Triassic.

1996. Concert services OLP - Maintenance services.

1999. Vote Law 2688/99 in which the OLP is converted into a limited company. The development program of PPA funded by the European Investment Bank, the Cohesion Fund of the European Union and from its own resources.

2002. Concession contract signed between the Greek government and OLP SA, under which the Greek government grants for 40 years the exclusive right to use and exploitation of land, buildings and facilities of inland port area of Piraeus Port Authority in OLP SA

2003. Introduction of PPA SA in the Athens Stock Exchange released by the Greek state rate of 25.5% of existing stock ownership. First trading day of the August 8, 2003.

2004. Completion of the Olympic host successfully in the port of Piraeus. The program included the comfortable and safe accommodation and handling of the Olympic Family and spectators of the Olympic Games, hosted in ships - floating hotels in the port of Piraeus.