Call Center 14541


Piraus Port Authority S.A, aiming to enhance passenger’s support, provides telephone information services for all the itineraries from the Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrion ports.

The call center 14541* concerns not only the passengers but also the Professionals (eg Taxi drivers) who are looking for quick and reliable required information.

With an average waiting time of no more than 20 seconds and one-off charge (no time charges) is probably the most friendly and innovative service via phone in the country. 

More specifically, the service 14541 * provides the following information:

• Scheduled and extraordinary departures and arrivals.
• Itineraries delays or cancellations.
• Gates of departures and arrivals
• Exceptional conditions (eg departure prohibition, emergency, etc.)

The staff is consisted of qualified personnel in communication, data management and technical support. The service is available exclusively via live chat throughout the 24 hours a day, all year round.

The Coast Guard is the source of information of all data as is the competent authority for the approved weekly basis schedule, which is assigned to P.P.A SA.

The annual passenger traffic through Piraeus Port is approximately 20,000,000 passengers. Is therefore easy to understand how important is such a service, which can contribute to the minimization of problems, which arise to the transportations caused mainly by insufficient information.

So with consistency and vision PPA maintains and develops an effective channel of communication with all citizens and visitors of the country.

* From fixed tel.: €0,92 per min (incl. VAT) / from cellular tel.: €1,55 per min (incl.VAT) for all mobile networks
(Call duration 2.5 minutes)

Complain Call Number:+30 210 6241881