Announcement regarding Covid -19 self-tests implementation






PPA S.A. informs its employees, within the framework of the government instructions for the prevention of the spread of Covid-19, the following:

All employees are required to follow all procedures related to the mandatory self-tests, the time of the test, the consequences of not performing or not declaring the result and other obligations of employees and employer.

Implementation start date: Monday, 19/4/2021

Date of first self-test & first declaration: Until Sunday 25/4/2021, in order to work with physical presence as of 26/4/2021.

Frequent Questions & Answers:

1. Is it Mandatory? YES, it is mandatory, for the protection of all of us

2. Are there consequences in case of non-compliance? YES, there are consequences for everyone!

For the employees: Refusal to accept his services by the employer, without pay, until comply with its obligations.

For the employer:   Fines per employee if a) an employee is employed without stating result of the test on the platform and b) employs an employee with a positive self-test.

3. How often do I take the test? Once a week and every week. It is recommended to be performed 24 hours before my visit to workplace.

4. Where do I get the test from? Is it free? From the pharmacy, free of charge, by showing my AMKA number and my ID / passport.

5. What do I have to do after taking the self-test?

a) Visit (in GR Language)

b) Select "Declaration of self-test result for employees" and then you are automatically transferred to the address

c) Enter the personal taxisnet codes

d) Choose one of the two options (if negative or positive test): "Declaration of Covid-19 Test" or "Declaration of Covid-19 Test after a positive result"

6. What do I have to do, if the result of the self-test (declared on the platform) was negative?

I am able to work as normal (after declaring the result on the platform).

7. What do I have to do, if the result of the self-test (declared on the platform) was positive?

After the declaration of the result, a relevant statement is issued by the platform, which the employee prints or brings in electronic way. The employee must, within 24 hours, do a repeat check (either in a free public structure or in another structure of his choice). Until the result of the second check comes out, the employee stays at home in quarantine.

If the result of the second test is positive: a certificate is issued, as an evidence for the employee to be quarantined according to EODY’s protocols.

If the result of the second test is negative: a relevant certificate is issued again, certifying the negative result and the employee must return to his work. The result of the second test must be declared to platform also (by filling in the form "Declaration of Covid-19 Test after a positive result".

Finally, according to the instructions and planning of EODY, we take care of our timely vaccination.

It is expected that everyone will indicate the needed responsibility,

so that together we can overcome this difficulty and face the future more optimistically!