PPA S.A.: Captain Weng Lin meets Japan's Ambassador to Greece   
13 Jul 2021

PPA S.A.: Captain Weng Lin meets Japan's Ambassador to Greece  


Piraeus, July 13th 2021




PPA S.A.: Captain Weng Lin meets Japan's Ambassador to Greece


Tuesday, July 13 2021. PPA’s Deputy CEO Captain Weng Lin met today at the company’s headquarters Japan's Ambassador to Greece, Νakayama Yasunori. Embassy officials, Mr Taku Aramaki and Hidetoshi Watanabe along with representatives of known Japanese brands participated also in the meeting. During the meeting topics of various interest were discussed. Part of the discussions were also the significant investments implemented at the Port of Piraeus turning the Port into one of the most state of the art European Ports, along with sharing updates on the plans and the upgrade and modernization strategy in the upcoming period. After the meeting a tour through the Port facilities followed.

Captain Weng Lin, PPA’s Deputy CEO, at the end of the meeting, after thanking the Japan Ambassador and all guests, stressed the necessity and importance of such meetings regarding the Port of Piraeus, already playing a significant role in a European and global level.



Piraeus Port Authority SA is a Greece-based company engaged in the management and operation of Piraeus port, Greece largest post. The main activities of Piraeus Port Authority SA are ships’ anchoring services, handling cargo, loading and unloading services as well as goods storage and car transportation. The Company is also responsible for the maintenance of port facilities, the supply of port services (water, electric current and telephone connection, among others), for services provided to travelers and for renting space to third parties. The main shareholder of Piraeus Port Authority SA is COSCO SHIPPING with a stake of 51 percent, one of the world's largest maritime operators.



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