Meeting the President of the PPA the new Mayor of Piraeus



Πειραιάς, 07/12/2010





In this new elected Mayor Vassilis Michaloliakos Piraeus, which is an institutional member of the Board of OLP Inc., met the President and CEO of PPA SA George Anomeritis.
After sharing the issues of the development program of the PPA SA programmatic positions of the new Mayor of the Municipality of Piraeus, the two sides agreed on continuing joint effort, which will pay for the development of the Port and the City and social support for residents of Piraeus. As repeatedly emphasized by Mr. George Anomeritis' port of Piraeus, which is the international center of Greek shipping, will become a portal Tourism and Culture with significant benefits for the city and its inhabitants. " In this effort the Government and the PPA SA as a major development agency, will go along.