On the pricing of OLP SA


Piraeus, 08/12/2010





The president and CEO of OLP SA George Anomeritis sent to the Association of Shipping Agents Attica Piraeus following letter:

The Association of Shipping Agents
Attica - Piraeus
Coast Miaouli 17 to 19, Piraeus


About your letter of 30.11.2010, which are referring to the pricing policy of the PPA we would like to know the following:

1. The PPA reserves from 07.01.2008 up to 01.04.2011 ie three years of constant charges, shoulder the full cost of operating expenditure. As you concede in your letter such rates should be increased 8-10% annually.
2. The PPA not impose fees. The PPA prices it specific services to be provided to ships and passenger categories, having conducted market research on the cost data of other competing European ports in the Mediterranean.
3. Increases or even all tariffs will actually be from 01.04.2011. The PPA SA is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange and must give reason to shareholders to customers, employees and implement long-term investment plans for the development of infrastructure.
4. Everything that is written is inaccurate and misleading. Specifically:
a. Fees for passengers (transit), which is the large number of migrant cruise.
· Increased by 0.58 minutes to 0.60 minutes for the board (up 3.09%) and not 300% as you write.
· Increased by 0.30 minutes to 0.60 minutes to disembark. Indeed, the increase is 100%, but concealed that the increase is only 0.30 cents!
That is an increase from 01.04.2011 leads from 0.88 minutes to 1.20 euros (27%), when in Barcelona costs Euro 5.26, Valencia 2.41 euros 3.99 euros in Lisbon, Venice 3.40 euros and 6.65 euros in Genoa!
b. Service charges on passengers (home port) refers to this small number of passengers.
• From 0.58 to 0.60 for alighting and boarding the same amount (up 3.09%) and not 200% as stated. For bags from 4.2 million to 6.00 million (for carriers). For the control of Euro 1.80 stable. All these together lead cumulatively (from 01.04.2011) in a cost of 15 euros, of which 12 million is for loading and unloading suitcases, where available. The corresponding costs in Barcelona is 25 Euros, 21 Euros in Venice, Lisbon 20.8 euros and 23 euros in Genoa.
c. Charges on vessels (for all the services in total)
In Piraeus, the ship will pay from 01.04.2011 to mooring and berthing of Euro 5850 when Barcelona paid 11,016 euros to 10,771 euros Valencia, Venice 7073 Euro (per 1000 but passengers) and 9,000 euros in Genoa. Note that increasing the berth in Piraeus is only 14.94% (from 1.3 euro / meter to 1.5 Euro / meter) and not 150% as stated.
Piraeus on a cruise is and will remain after the implementation of new tariffs on 01.04.2011 the cheapest European Mediterranean port.
5. The PPA to make the Piraeus Gate Tourism and Culture runs a large investment program, which the points on the cruise are:
a. Extension of the southern port 6 new posts new generation of cruise cost 230 million euros.
b. Two new host plants and construction of two passengers in addition to the new port concessions.
c. New berth in Agios Nikolaos, cost 3 million.
d. Renovation of the existing terminal, cost 500,000 euros.
e. Supply of new media (buses, escalators, conveyors, etc.) 1 million.
f. Construction of the "Cultural Coast" in Haetionian Coast, 3 museums, theme parks, cultural activities, buildings and 55 acres of open space recreation.
g. Make the "Pagoda" in 5 * hotel, costs 50 million.
h. Operation modern heliport at the cruise.
i. Monorail for passenger cruise downtown cost 120 million euros.
j. Attractive environmental applications that Piraeus is a comprehensive Eco - port.
The most important issue today in our ports is to increase the quality of service and not any small or large increases in minor amounts.
Despite the characterizations and exaggerations of this letter are available for all bona fide and reasoned debate. But when the port of Piraeus is 40% cheaper than the average tariffs for European ports in the Mediterranean would hardly support a different proposal than that reached by the market survey conducted in 2010 at all ports of the Mediterranean.