New revised Investment Development Programme


Peraeus, 20/12/2010





Approved by the Board of OLP SA The new revised Investment Development Programme OLP SA for the years 2011-2015.

As shown in the revised list of projects:
1. Canceled the construction of new SILO Cereals in the commercial port cost 4 million euros (Hercules). Note that the port is already two private facilities SILOS (Loulis Mills, St. George and Sarantopoulos). For handling grain will be rebuilt and used a former military dock. The PPA SA will consider any new proposal for the modernization of private or additional construction of landing or transhipment.

2. Limenoviomichanikou Reconstruction and Management Project (former conveyor belts) in the "Coast Krakari"
For this project already launched open bidding. Aim to save as an industrial monument and its use for multiple uses.

3. Convert the whole area in Konya in the area of the former Karvounoskalas a modern single car-terminal.
Already eliminated all use by others and started work rebuilding the site. The Ro-Ro rules over the old berth.

4. Proposal to upgrade and create a new modern terminal in Lemonade (square Giannoulatou-sq. Karaiskaki).
Returned for consultation and reconstruction of this area in order to create a modern terminal with commercial uses, those who currently have property rights. For this project there were suggestions OLP, Prefecture and Municipality of old.

5. Underwater interface (walkway) between the region Lion (cruise) and the Cultural Coast (Haetionian). Assigned to study the construction of submarine link for pedestrians in two of the most

high-traffic areas under construction, ie the area of Conference-Exhibition Center and the Cultural Coast.

6. Underwater interface for new cars in the area under construction to expand the port.
Assigned to the office building and traffic studies, a study on undersea tunnel which will connect the new port of Piraeus and cruise to the opposite coast Drapetsona aimed at traffic decongestion of the center of Piraeus after completion and operation of port expansion.

7. Expand northern port berths for coastal shipping.
Along with the construction of the southern expansion port (cruise) will be conducted and a final extension study of the northern port 4 berths coastal vessels because a) the size of the new generation coastal vessel and b) that the full functioning of the Cultural Coast.

8. Construction of new passenger terminal at the port cruise. Provides for the superstructure of new passenger terminal at the new southern port (cruise) with a concession by the standards of international cruise port.

9. Cultural Coast.
On 04/01/2011 we will present the masterplan proposal which has been prepared for the functions of the Cultural Coast Piraeus.

10. Construction of overpass that will connect the Konya in the freight area of the former ODDY, which will settle all offices.

11. Construction of new building services in the Naval Base Perama.
This building will be installed services NAFSOLP, Coast Customs and Trade.

12. Construction of new building for BIP service Piers Container I (PPA) and II (Cosco).

13. Construction of new single building on the former site of Customs ODDY the implementation of EC Regulation 450/2008 (L 145/2008).

14. Autonomous functioning ISPS in commercial ports.
Expected in 2011 operating system independent.

As the President and CEO of PPA George Anomeritis:
"The investment program of the PPA, spending 1 billion, financed from its own funds, EIB loans and EU funds, is focused on tourism, culture and infrastructure quality service and passenger ships. Already most of the projects have promoted the necessary permits and notices. These projects and Harbour Town acquire a modern and environmental context of development.
Other works remain unchanged. The evolution processes of these projects is presented in the attached text has been posted on the Internet (