Piraeus, 21/12/2010





Approved by the Board PPA SA Memorandum of the General Directorate of Customs and Excise of the Ministry of Finance and the Piraeus Port Authority SA as governing body of the Free Zone.
The memorandum showed the need for constant surveillance 24 hours a day both at entrance and exit of the Free Zone Piraeus parties both PPA SA and the SEP SA as being located within the Free Zone and includes the following:

1. E.Z surveillance and control measures of this.
2. Simplify operational procedures and control E.Z
3. Access to electronic systems of the established businesses of the Customs Control
4. Equal treatment and treatment by the supervisor E.Z Piraeus Customs Authority and the governing body thereof, the players on in this business.
5. Solvency of active participants in E.Z operations against the Greek government and the Customs Service.

Of particular importance is that the MoU is to ensure established undertakings in Free Zone area PPA Piraeus SA and SEP SA equal treatment and response, both by directly supervising the E.Z. Piraeus Office of Audit and the Body of this Administration.
There is also a special provision for the obligation of both companies to maintain and supervise the proper operation of each facility, which contributes to safe working conditions for workers in any capacity within the E.Z.

The MoU will be implemented within four (4) days of signature and constitutes an important step in consultation with the Administration and the wider public and private sectors.