Official reception of the "Costa Pacifica"


Piraeus, 30/12/2010






1. The official reception of the cruise ship "Costa Pacifica" and of 3,600 passengers, will be held on Saturday January 1 at 11.30.
The exchange of gifts between the President and CEO of OLP SA Mr. George Anomeritis and master Capt. Giacomo Longo will be on board.
The 'Costa Pacifica "will move alongside the Passenger Terminal A (Cote Miaouli 10) under the Office of OLP SA
When disembarking passengers will be offered to passengers sweets and small orchestra plays music in the passenger terminal.
2. The official reception of the coastal vessel, which first entered the new year at the port of Piraeus will take place onJanuary 1 at 13.00, at anchor the ship, on board.