Reissue of the essay by George Steinhauer: "The fortification and Portal Ietioneias"


Piraeus, 05/01/2011





On the occasion of presentation of the master plan the Cultural Coast Piraeus, which grows in the wider Haetionian Gates, the PPA SA epanekdose the essay by George Steinhauer: "The fortification and Ietioneias Gate", which was first issued in 2003, when again the issue of exploitation of this area was in the news with a proposal of the Minister of Marine and current President and CEO of SA OLP Mr. George Anomeritis.

As noted by Mr. Anomeritis in the preface of the second version, Haetionian Gates would still be buried if it had not worked with passion for highlighting one of the great archaeologist, the then Chief of the Second Inspectorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Mr. George Steinhauer. This book, which again in 2003, the PPA had funded the care and the association of friends of the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, will be available from the PPA SA All those who wish to learn more about the history of the city of Piraeus. About the Department of Marketing Relations (tel: 210-4550276, 210-4550262).