37.58% Increase in handling car (Car Terminal)


Piraeus, 11/01/2011





Despite the economic crisis especially in the field of automobile industry, according to data of the Department of Motor Traffic OLP SA 37.58% increase was observed in handling car (Car Terminal) during 2010.
The traded cars in the Car Terminal SA OLP amounted to 380,353 in 2010 versus 276,442 in 2009, while the average monthly traffic volume in 2010 was 31,895, against 23,037 in 2009.
As the President and CEO of OLP SA George Anomeritis, "the Agency is developing its activities in the area of Car Terminal with three actions:
(A) the incorporation of Logistics SA OLP whose operation began in September 2010,
(B) doubling the size of the area in Konya Car Terminal, which makes it the largest in the Mediterranean. The project is ongoing and will be completed on 01.04.2011 and
(C) continued consultation and cooperation with all major servers cars on a new relationship qualitatively upgraded and new services.