Piraeus was chosen by the Board of Directors of the Association of MedCruise as its headquarters

  Piraeus, 21.05.2012




Piraeus was chosen by the Board of Directors of the Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports (MEDCRUISE) as its headquarters during the 81st spring meeting on 18 / 19 May 2012, which was held at the Headquarters of PPA SA and chaired by the new president of MEDCRUISE, Stavros Hatzakos, and General Director of PPA SA.

The Board of MEDCRUISE, together with the relocation of its head office from Barcelona to Piraeus and in view of the 40th General Assembly of the Union in Tunisia, approved its budget, the accession of Smyrna (Izmir) as a new member and the promotion of the Association’s external relations in the context of the global alliance of cruise ports.

Addressing the members of the MEDCRUISE Board, the President and Chief Executive of PPA SA, Mr George Anomeritis, said that "the rise of the cruise in the Mediterranean breeds responsibilities of wider cooperation among all ports in the region. At the next General Assembly we have to give answers about (a) the issues about the Port-City relationship, given the growth of the new generation cruise ships, (b) the development of the winter cruise and a new alliance of ports in southern Europe and northern Africa, (c) the culture of safety aboard cruise ships and (d) the development of the special ISPS system which helps to provide quality services at the ports. "