Mr. George Anomeritis speaking at the SEA TOURISM FORUM Posidonia 2012.

Piraeus,  06.06.2012




The investment of 420 million Euros by the port of Piraeus on the cruise industry and the activation of a specialized subsidiary company concerning service management and infrastructure were emphasized on among other things by the Chairman of the Hellenic Ports Association, Mr. George Anomeritis, speaking at the SEA TOURISM FORUM Posidonia 2012.      
Mr. George Anomeritis also focused on the competitive pricing of cruise ships at the Port of Piraeus, the charges for which will remain stable until 2016.
“The establishment of the Hellenic Ports Association, our participation in ESPO, in MedCruise, in SETE and in all international events planned, is a strategic choice of the Hellenic Ports Association and PPA SA. In an exogenous productive sector such as the cruise we must be at the center of decision-making based on coordinated port diplomacy. We have become extroverted and it works. Already in 2011 we had a 35% increase in arrivals (Europe average 6.25%), while the new infrastructure we build is the future of the port industry. The state should immediately clarify the new institutional framework for ports and port-based policy of the European model for the port industry.”