Mr.George Anomeritis met with the Secretary General of Ports and Port Policy Prof. Costas Moutzouris

Piraeus, 06.09.2012




The President and CEO of PPA SA, Mr. George Anomeritis, met with the Secretary General of Ports and Port Policy, Prof. Costas Moutzouris.
The meeting that followed was attended by the Deputy CEO of PPA SA Mr. Panagiotis Petroulis and the General Director Mr. Stavros Hatzakos.
Beyond the issues of Port Policy and the known views of the Administration of PPA, as adopted unanimously by the General Assembly of the PPA in June 2012, the Secretary was informed about the Investment Plan 2012-2016, which is executed by the PPA, the continuous presence of the PPA at European and International Institutions (ESPO, MedCruise) and the work schedule of the Hellenic Port Association. Separate analysis was made for the development of the cruise sector, for the prevalence of which in the Mediterranean, a major effort has to be done in the field of port regional infrastructure.