The port of Piraeus welcomes the cruise ship of TUI CRUISES "MEIN SCHIFF 2"

Piraeus, 24.09.2012

Press Release

The welcoming of yet another cruise ship, which is visiting Greece and the port of Piraeus for the first time, was organized by PPA SA.
It is the cruise ship of TUI CRUISES, named "MEIN SCHIFF 2", with a length of 262 meters, with 2.000 German passengers and 800 crew members.
The master cpt. Kjell Holm, the officers and crew were welcomed by the President & CEO of PPA SA George Anomeritis and directors of the Authority.
As Mr. G. Anomeritis said: "The cruise industry is an important pillar of the country's marine tourism and the port of Piraeus, with its new infrastructure, is the most important port of the East Mediterranean. The cruise of 2012 is moving incrementally in relation to the base years of 2009 and 2010, and dilutive compared to 2011, but that year cannot be taken as a comparable size, since the uprisings in Mediterranean North Africa transformed it into a special year with an increase of more of the average annual rates (+35%). "
From the data so far, that will be presented in detail in the special annual conference organized by PPA SA and the cruise companies on October 17th at the PPA SA Headquarters, 2013 is also expected - on the basis of the pre-announced calls – to be an equally good year like 2012.
Note that PPA SA is completing new port facilities, two new terminals receiving cruise passengers, and has announced that during the period 2013 - 2016 it will maintain fixed tariffs.