The Conference for developing the cruise industry in the Black Sea was successfully completed


                                   Piraeus, 25.09.2012                           


Press Release

The conference for developing the cruise industry in the Black Sea, held at Odessa, Ukraine from 20/09/12 to 22/09/12 was successfully completed, which was attended by the Director General of PPA SA and Chairman of MedCruise, Mr Stavros Hatzakos.
The conference was attended by representatives from countries such as Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria and representatives of cruise companies and tourism.
The invitation was aimed at showcasing and promoting MedCruise in this area that attracts the focus of cruise lines as a result of the boom in the Mediterranean cruise and the accommodation of more and larger cruise ships in the area.
Already members of the Union have surpassed 18, following a significant increase in traffic, while at the conference it was announced that a large company will send a new ship in the area.
Particularly important was the closing meeting of the first day where they discussed the prospects and alternative approach of large companies, and how to finance the necessary infrastructure.
As is known members of MedCruise are all the ports of the Black Sea and the Red Sea.
The development of cruise tourism in the Black Sea is of particular importance for the Piraeus port because cruises in the Black Sea may be performed in conjunction with cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean whose major cruise port is the port of Piraeus.