A welcome to "Celebrity Reflection", another newly built cruise ship, by PPA SA

Piraeus, 9.11.2012

Press Release


A welcome to yet another newly built cruise ship, that started its travels in August 2012 and which is visiting Greece and the port of Piraeus for the first time, is being prepared by PPA SA for tomorrow, Saturday 10.11.2012. It is the “Celebrity Reflection” with a length of 320 m, width of 37 m, and height of 60 m, with a crew of 1.250 people which will berth alongside the Themistocleous Pier.
The master Captain who is Greek (Nicholas Pagonis) and the 3.000 passengers will be welcomed by executives of PPA SA, while the President of PPA SA, Mr. George Anomeritis, will present a special commemorative shield.