Piraeus Port Authority SA, announced the total of cruise vessels per day of berthing


Piraeus, 13.11.2012



Press Release



Piraeus Port Authority SA, announced for the first time, the total of cruise vessels per day of berthing (berth allocation) of 2013, thus satisfying another request of the cruise market.
As announced by the Chairman and Managing Director of PPA SA Mr. George Anomeritis, talking to representatives of the maritime community in the welcoming reception of the newly built ship "MSC DIVINA", “We have already posted the daily cruise service program for the year 2013 on our website. For the first time priority rules apply, derived in consultation between PPA SA and the cruise companies. All vessels, under the new modern regulation of PPA SA concerning cruise, whose ship program was submitted by October 31st 2012, were accepted and assured berth allocations. Already, the new generation of ships over 300 meters, have ensured exact berth allocation in Themistocles Coast and will be served by the new Passenger Terminal Building (Passenger Terminal B "Themistokles") of 5.800 m2. Already for 659 cruise ships accurate planning has been done at the PPA Port, while further corrections to the programs of the cruise companies can be expected by the end of November. The main feature of 2013 will be the replacement of mid-sized ships with even bigger ships and next-generation ships with more passengers by the cruise companies. The new berth allocation program is expected to become fully operational and effective, especially with the delivery of the two (2) new cruise ship berths at Miaoulis Coast at the beginning of the new season. As I already announced in the conference for the cruise industry recently, the cruise industry in 2013 will be positive and have an upward trend in relation to the year 2012. "

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