The Extension of the southern part of the Central Port for the service of cruise ships was approved



Piraeus, 05.12.2012


Press Release

The project of PPA SA “Extension of the southern part of the Central Port for the service of cruise ships” was approved by the Central Archaeological Council (CAC) of the Ministry of Culture, paving formally the way for publishing the required environmental conditions.
Note that for this project there have already been published:
(A) Joint Ministerial Decision on the accession in the NSRF,
(B) The notice of the Managing Authority of Attica,
(C) The decision of the Port Planning and Development Committee (ESAL) and have been prepared all the necessary technical, financial, transportation, etc. studies. 

The project is promoted by the need of docking of modern large cruise ships of new generation, whose sizes cannot be accommodated in the existing port.

With the construction of this project Piraeus will become the largest cruise port in the Mediterranean, since it will have 17 berths for cruise ships of all sizes, while during and after construction it will create hundreds of direct and indirect jobs, as estimated by the cost - benefit study which was drafted by the University of Piraeus.

The cruise port of PPA SA is a hub for the entire Greek cruise industry, since in almost none of the main ports of the Greek islands can cruise vessels procure marine fuel, drinking water in large quantities, deliver waste and wastewater, receive food supplies etc.

PPA SA accepted the majority view of CAC members for consideration of the availability of a larger marine area in front of the so-called tomb of Themistocles.

Already the full and mature dossier has been sent to the European Commission, since this project - the largest project that is ready from the Regional Operational Programme (PEP) for the auctioning of a cost of 230 million - is considered among the most essential tasks for the development of marine tourism economy and the Greek islands.