PPA SA participates on the issues of developmental strategy of the national port system.

Piraeus, 17.12.2012


Press Release

The participation in the process of public consultation on the issues of developmental strategy of the national port system was decided by the Board of PPA SA during the meeting of 17-12-2012.
According to the positions developed, the relevant articles of the draft law:
(A) creation of Ports Regulatory Authority,
(B) new structure and operation of the system,
(C) Attica Port System
(D) reengineering of the Port Planning and Development Committee (ESAL) and
(E) licensing of works for Port Authorities, are in the right direction and lead to a new effective system of port operation. Until December 28, 2012 the proposals of PPA SA will be written and submitted.
As the President and CEO of PPA SA, Mr. George Anomeritis, commented: "In the coming days the Board of the Hellenic Port Association (Elime) will meet, to contribute in implementing decisions required to run a modern, European and dynamic port system. A system which is a key factor in the development process of the country, because of its efficient function in which main sectors of the economy are dependent, such as industry, commerce and tourism. Especially for PPA SA the final selection of the acceptance of the European model of development rather than the sale of all shares of the Organisation in a single strategic investor, is a vindication of the last three years worded public views for a model for multiple uses and concessions for new investments with transparency, competitiveness and environmental protection. The challenge for the ports and the country is that the legislation is implemented quickly. "