An increase of 9.8% was recorded in car handling at the Car Terminal of PPA SA in 2012

Piraeus, 14.01.2013



Press Release

An increase of 9.8% was recorded in car handling at the Car Terminal of PPA SA in 2012 compared to 2011 and by 66% compared to 2009. Based on the information from the management of the PPA SA Car Terminal in 2012 458.755 cars were handled versus 417.659 in 2011. From these 403.970 were transshipment cars, which were then transferred to other Mediterranean ports and 54.785 were introduced to the domestic car market. The change in transshipment traffic increased by 22.8%, while domestic traffic fell by -38.2%.
The President and CEO of PPA SA, Mr. George Anomeritis, commented: "The increase in traffic at the Car Terminal of PPA SA within a year of general crisis with serious implications in the domestic car market proves the correctness of our policies to make the port of Piraeus an international hub for handling cars. With vast areas (190.000 square meters), modern infrastructure by applying European standards, experienced and specialized personnel in transshipment handling, we were able to make the port of Piraeus a stable international hub in the motor trade. Development plan in 2013:
(A) To further develop the area available for the use of the Car Terminal.
(B) To utilize the space of the adjacent 90.000 m2 available to the Company (formerly ODDY) to create a Logistic Car Center.
(C) In 2013, the sea side car loading train station in N. Konya will be completed, to enable the transfer of cars from ship to train, going to the Balkan countries and the rest of Europe and
(D) will begin the works on the new port projects at Hercules Pier for infrastructure of a  Car Terminal.
A vast expanse of polluting and degraded areas will turn into a model of environmental management for cars - goods for which the transshipment does not burden either the port or the urban environment that surrounds it. "



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