Meeting between the administration of PPA SA, TRENOSE SA and major transport companies

 Piraeus, 04.03.2012

Press Release


The operation and the use of the new sea side railway station of the car-terminal of PPA SA, was co-examined in a meeting which took place at the headquarters of PPA SA, between the administrations of PPA SA and TRAINOSE SA, along with major transport companies of transit cars.
The meeting was attended on the side of the PPA, by the President and CEO of the Organization Mr. George Anomeritis, the Deputy Director Mr. Panagiotis Petroulis and General Director Mr. Stavros Hatzakos and from TRAINOSE SA, by the CEO Mr. Athanasios Ziliaskopoulos and from the companies that transport cars via ships, Messrs. Xydeas G., Kyriazanos N. (Scandinavia Agency), Mataragas A. (Alalouf), and Doukas A., Karousakis K. (Global), while a second meeting will follow with the rest of the stakeholders.
From this meeting, arose the interest of all to the link of the commercial port of Piraeus (N. IKonio) to the national railway network and the potential of transporting transit cars to all European countries and especially to the Balkan countries. For all the issues of the meeting (networks, traffic material, transport time limits, customs, tariffs, etc.) it was decided to set up a Joint Committee (PPA SA, TRAINOSE SA, companies) that will list all of the operational and financial issues as well as also highlighting through the international market of car transportation the new potentials of Piraeus.
As it became known by ERGOSE SA and TRAINOSE SA, the project will be completed for commercial exploitation at September 2013. Under the agreement of OSE-PPA (2006) the exclusive administrator of the sea side railway car station for every task of loading, storage and transhipment services will be Logistics PPA SA.
As stated in the meeting by Mr. George Anomeritis: “Following the completion of the railway line Thriassio-N. Ikonio and the expected operation of the sea side rail container terminal (85,000 m², which has been granted and belongs to OSE), there also is scheduled the completion of the sea side car terminal at G2 of the commercial port, where an agreement between OSE / PPA has been signed. Environmentally friendly policies of ship - rail linkage, i.e. the two modes with minimal environmental impact, as well as faster and cheaper cargo transport in third countries is a positive step for the development of the port of Piraeus and the country. A series of European long-run policies (ship - rail link, short sea shipping, and inter-European networks) are going into full implementation, even though there have been some time delays. PPA SA, who starred with OSE and its subsidiaries (ERGOSE SA, TRAINOSE SA) for the conversion of Piraeus into a transportation hub, feels delighted, since the implementation of the above policies will increase not only the company’s but also the government’s turnover and revenue. The car terminal, after doubling in size in the last years, is now converted into a modern hub “.

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