A meeting was held at PPA SA about quality and safe operation of the Passenger Port

Piraeus, 13.03.2013



Press Release

The preparatory works meeting, held at PPA SA headquarters, ended with the focus on quality and safe operation of the Central Passenger port of Piraeus during the summer of 2013.
In addition to the CEO and President of PPA SA, Mr. George Anomeritis, who made the main presentation, the meeting was attended by the Deputy Managing Director of PPA SA Mr. P. Petroulis, Central Harbor Master Mr. G. Sarigiannis, the President of PCCI Mr. Kasimatis, the General Secretary of the Municipality of Piraeus Mr. S. Diamantidis, Mr. J. Chatziantoniou of the International Maritime Union, Mr. Michael Sakellis of SEEN, Mr. T. Kontes of EU Cruise, as well as representatives of the Police, Traffic Police, Customs, Taxi, Commerce, Transport etc.
In this meeting decisions were taken on the main issues of the operation of the port during the summer, while PPA SA announced an aesthetic upgrade service on platforms with new operational interventions, such as labeling information (way-finding), different color units per destination, planting green, markings etc.
As it is known, in Piraeus Port 15 million passengers are handled annually, of which 2.1 million are cruise tourists and 5 million vehicles to ships.
PPA SA, through the developmental program, is seeking a cultural and touristic upgrade of the first port in the country, with a focus on a balanced coupling of port and city.