The new collective labour agreements were approved by the Board of PPA SA

Piraeus, 08.04.2013

Press Release

The new collective labour agreements with:
(A) The Federation of Permanent Employees of the Greek Ports (OMYLE)
(B) The Association of Permanent and Cadet Dockers of PPA SA and
(C) The Association of Supervisors and Main Workers (OFE)
 were approved by the Board of PPA SA, after a three-month negotiation process between Unions and Management.
The parties, having taken into account the unfavourable economic environment, the existing legislative restrictions and the need to ensure the effective operation of the company decided:
1. To repeat the provisions of contractual arrangements in 2009 adjusted as last, the provisions of Law 3833/2010, 3845/2010 and 4024/2011.
2. To revise existing regulations to enhance productivity within a reasonable time.
3. To gradually adjust individual differences between categories of dockworkers based on equivalent offsets and
4. To establish a Special Joint Committee on the required changes.
The validity of the terms of collective agreements is set for two years.
 The President and CEO of PPA SA, Mr. George Anomeritis, after approval of the CLA stated the following: "I have to acknowledge the assertiveness and accountability of the union bodies, that even through a painful economic phase for the country, but also for the company, which in 2009 after signing a Concession Agreement had to restart its business in an important area from scratch, consented to sign a new collective labour agreement. The company, since 2010, has been through a phase of labour peace, despite decreases in wages, 530 workers leaving, and without making since a single hiring. On the part of the administration, major structural changes and development strategy have made the PPA profitable for three years, ensuring jobs without layoffs, paying through the development of all sectors of signs of stabilization and recovery, to the benefit of the company, the wider Piraeus and the port industry in the country. PPA SA in conditions of social peace and profitability will contribute with its size the overall development of the Greek port system. "