The Technical Experts Meeting of the European Project SUPPORT is convening on 18 & 19.4 at PPA SA

Piraeus, 18.04.2013

Press Release

The Technical Experts Meeting of the European Project SUPPORT (Security Upgrade for PORT's) is convening on the 18th and 19th April, at PPA SA HQ.
The SUPPORT project will be implemented in full scale on two EU ports, Piraeus and Gothenburg.
Piraeus has chosen the Port Cruise, in which the new platform will be implemented, through which access of people and vehicles can be controlled under the ISPS Code. The test platform uses modern software and art materials, which after evaluation will be property of PPA SA. This platform will then be extended to all seven (7) Security Areas Security of the Piraeus port.
The final application will be enhanced with new policies and educational programs for staff security.
The SUPPORT program aims to increase the current level of port security in accordance with the constantly evolve international regulations and standards, in a highly complex real environment.
As stated by the Chairman and CEO of PPA SA, Mr. George Anomeritis, in session: "Quality and Safety is the fixed policy objectives in an area of special environmental protection. PPA SA is a multipurpose port, with quays of 37.7 km area and traffic of 40.000 ships annually, the security of which requires constant activity with seven autonomous enclaves and with full safety plans. The PPA, through the program SUPPORT, receives and applies another tech security system."