A new 5-year contract between the University of Piraeus and the PPA SA

Piraeus, 23.04.2013


Press Release


A new 5-year contract for the Research Project Monitoring the quality of the marine environment was signed between the University of Piraeus and the Piraeus Port Authority SA.
This program applies to the whole marine area under the responsibility of PPA SA, from the central Port to the areas of Perama, Psitalia, Kynosoura and Ampelakia.
Within the implementation of this program are:
• Estimates on microbiological load
• Measurements of BOD and COD
• Measurements of heavy metals in the water column
• Measurements of petroleum and
• Measurements on nitrite and salts.
  The measurements, which are carried out in 26 water points throughout the year, are conducted under the basic directive of the European Parliament and the Council, and the Laws of National Legislation.
As project manager has been appointed the Professor of Marine Environment, Mr. V. Tselentis, who is the Director of the Laboratory of Marine Science at the University of Piraeus. The total cost of the project amounts to 48.400 Euros and will be paid by PPA SA as a grant in the special research account of the University of Piraeus.
Note that PPA SA, which keeps data for many years and monitors in addition to the marine environment and all environmental indicators in terrestrial areas and air, has been declared by the European Sea Ports Association as an ECOPORT, eco-friendly port, as of 2011.
As the President and CEO of PPA SA, Mr. George Anomeritis, said at the signing of the Decision: “For PPA SA environmental protection is a basic policy choice. We are (through certification by Lloyd's) and will remain an Ecological Port''.