The opening of the 2nd International Passenger Terminal of PPA SA on 27.05.2013

 Piraeus, 09.05.2013          


Press Release


The opening of the Second International Passenger Terminal of the Piraeus Port Authority SA will be held on Monday, May 27th 2013 at 12:30 pm.
The inauguration will be done by the Minister of Marine and Aegean Mr. Konstantinos Mousouroulis.
The new building, with an area of 5.600 m2, will welcome passengers of large cruise ships, which dock at piers Alkimos, Palataki and Themistocles of the Central Cruise Port.
The new Cruise Terminal together with the old stone building (formerly Kannelou) provides extensive areas for the entry-exit of passengers and modern systems of checking and surrounding spaces for parking of taxis, tourist buses and cars, while the entrance will be from Gate E12 (Leodos).
Upon entering, the passengers will have the opportunity to admire part of the Konioan walls of the ancient port, passing through a glass bridge. This section has been revealed and fully restored by the Archaeological Authority of Piraeus, expense paid by PPA SA. It is on its own the most important attraction in a city and port with a long ancient history.
The new cruise terminal will be named Themistocles, which, according to one version, next to it is his funerary monument.
As the President and CEO of the PPA SA, Mr. George Anomeritis, commented: “With the operation of the second cruise terminal, the PPA can serve up to 25.000 passengers per day in the most modern and comfortable way from two different points of entry. And by the end of the year the third Cruise Terminal will be ready, which will serve the cruise ships of the Miaouli coast region. All three stations together will have an area of 15.500 m2. The cruise sector has been the center of attention of the Administration of PPA SA with continuous upgrades and aesthetic interventions. The PPA, along with the new extension of the pier, is converted in terms of berths and passenger service, into the most important cruise port in the Mediterranean”.