Mr. George Anomeritis participated as invited keynote speaker at the Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum

Πειραιάς,  28.05.2013

Press Release

The President of the Hellenic Ports Association (Elime) Mr. George Anomeritis participated as an invited keynote speaker, at the Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum, in a special session on port investments to develop the cruise industry.

Mr. G. Anomeritis, after stating his views on the European port system and the principles of competitiveness, Efficiency, Transparency and Environmental Protection, said that the PPA collaborates optimally with the 4 major cruise groups, who have a 87.6% share of the global market. Having set out the development policy of the cruise to Greek ports and PPA, he said that the goal is the year 2021, when the 2.500 years since the Battle of Salamis and the establishment of Democracy will be celebrated and the cruise port of PPA SA will be transformed into the main gate of Tourism and Culture of the Country.

The main policies in achieving this goal will be new investments in infrastructure and concessions to cruise companies for the exclusive use of piers and building new superstructures. On the issue of privatization, the absolute opposition of Carnival's Vice President Mr. M. Nestour for privatization of cruise ports made an impression, while the representative of Royal Caribbean Mr. J. Tercek advocated privatization in small ports mainly concerning superstructures. Particular positive references for the new infrastructure, superstructure and modernization of PPA, were made by the keynote speaker of Carnival, the Senior Vice President Port and Destination Development Mr. G. Israel, particularly welcoming the investment and operation of 2ndTerminal inaugurated on Monday.

The PPA participated at the Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum with a booth and as Silver Sponsor of the events.

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