PPA SA was awarded for active participation in the Program CLIMEPORT PROJECT


Piraeus, 19.06.2013

Press Release

Another environmental distinction was awarded to PPA SA and to 5 other Mediterranean Ports (Valencia, Algeciras, Marseille, Livorno and Koper) for active participation in the Program CLIMEPORT PROJECT, for the cooperation in the Mediterranean to face the consequences of climate change.
This program was awarded with the environmental medal at the World Convention of the International Association of Ports (IAPH) held in Los Angeles, USA.
As part of this Program some of the actions that were investigated were:
• The assessment of the environmental impact of Mediterranean ports to climate change.
• The determination of the potential harmonization of European and national policies and measures on port strategies to combat climate change.
• The projects that are focused on critical activities that affect the environment and society.
• The cost-benefit study of applied action plans.
• The study of innovative technologies and development of pilot initiatives based on systems of energy efficiency.
The PPA, from participation in this award-winning European program, gained valuable expertise to develop innovative environmental actions tailored to its environmental management within the ECOPORTS Status that it applies.
As is already known, the European Sea Ports Organization (ESPO) has already awarded the Port of Piraeus the title of Ecological Port (ECOPORT), certified from the Lloyds Register. Piraeus Port Authority SA operates a Control Station of Environmental Measurements on a daily basis and, in collaboration with Institutes and Universities, checks the quality of sea water in the vicinity of the ports.
As stated by the President and CEO of PPA SA, Mr. George Anomeritis: “PPA SA applies all the principles of ESPO concerning competitiveness, efficiency, transparency and protection of the environment. The port of Piraeus, as accepted by the representatives of cruise companies in the recent Forum Posidonia, is a model for environmental operation, whose blue waters even in the port, cause positive feedback from all tourists of their ships.”