Capt. R. Olmer and Capt. Mickey were greeted by the board members of the PPA SA on Disney Magic

Piraeus, 21.06.2013 

Press Release


Captain Robert Olmer and Captain Mickey were greeted by the executive board members of the Piraeus Port Authority SA on board their ship. The President and CEO of PPA SA, Mr.George Anomeritis,  handed over to the captain the crest of the port and books, as well as the Mayor of Piraeus Mr. B. Michaloliakos, the Deputy Head of the Prefect Mr. St. Christou, port authorities, the General Secretaries of EOT and the Ministry of Marine and Aegean Messrs. Leivadas P. and A. Christopoulos and representatives of the company. The event was also attended by the U.S.A. Ambassador his Excellency Mr. Daniel Bennett Smith who also gave a welcoming speech.
Mr. George Anomeritis described the arrival of Disney Magic to Piraeus Port as an important event for the cruise industry in our country and for the PPA, since it has been agreed with Disney Cruises that a cooperation of regular calls and the service to the ships of the Company by PPA will be for the coming years. He characterized this arrival as a happy event for everyone - especially during these gray days- since for the first time passengers comprised mostly of children, our hope for a better tomorrow.
Captain Mickey and Pluto along with their companions, visited the headquarters of the PPA, where they were greeted, photographed and dined with their little friends, visitors from schools, which had been invited by the company.